Bowl Food

If you want to give your guests something more than canapes, but feel a full meal would be too much, then Bowl Food is the perfect solution. Served in stylish bowls and ideal for eating while standing up and socialising, Aretsi’s Bowl Food is informal but also super-delicious and as sophisticated as you like.

We can provide hot bowls, cold bowls and dessert bowls, each one created by our chef to please the eyes and the palate. With an emphasis on healthy eating and taking inspiration from worldwide cuisines, this is the smart modern way to give your guests a meal of quality and substance without the cost and formality of traditional dining.

Bowl Food Prices

  • Prices start from £4.50 per bowl
  • We recommend 3 bowl choices per person
  • Startling bowl packages & prices upon request
  • Please notes: Minimum order of 20 people or 30 pieces
  • Please notes: We can provide you with one of our chef or eqipment if you choose a hot bowl food for your event. prices upon request.