Finger Buffets

A finger buffet should be a delight for both the eyes and the tastebuds. It’s the perfect food for parties or more informal gatherings, but takes a lot of skill to get just right. With an Aretsi finger buffet you’re guaranteed a dazzling spread of savoury and sweet morsels that your guests will love revisiting time and again.

We cover all tastes and diets, ranging from wild boar and lobster to deliciousvegetarian and vegan creations. Our aim is to provide the focus for a lively and happy social occasion, which we achieve by offering a splendid of mix of traditional and exotic ingredients, attractively and freshly served.

Prices for Finger Buffets

  • Starting price from £7.50
  • Startling packages & prices upon request
  • Minimum order for 25 people

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