A successful barbecue depends not just on specialised cooking skills but also a high-level of organisational capability. Your guests don’t want to be kept waiting longer than necessary for their food, and they want it to be excellent eating when they receive it. At Aretsi we are legendary for the quality and variety of our barbecue food, ranging from traditional meaty favourites to exotic shrimps and veg.

As always, our food is designed to look as good as it tastes. Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to be rough and ready – we have made it a refined art, whilst still retaining the wonderful chargrilled tastes and textures everybody loves. So why not bring the irresistible aromas and performance art of a professional barbecue from Aretsi to your next al fresco summer event.

Prices for BBQ

  • Prices start from £9.95 per person.
  • Startling BBQ packages & prices including salads-sides-desserts upon request.
  • Please note: Minimum order of 30 people
  • Please note: We can provide you with hire of the barbeque, chef & waiting staff for a four hour service & includes build up & take down of the gazebo.