Finger Buffet

Versatility for Various Occasions

All-Day Office Catering
Aretsi finger buffets are ideal for providing a delightful culinary experience during all-day office events, ensuring a productive and enjoyable atmosphere.

Working Lunches and Meetings
Elevate working lunches and meetings with a diverse selection of finger foods, fostering a conducive environment for collaboration and engagement.

Private Parties and Functions
Aretsi finger buffets add a touch of sophistication to private parties and functions, creating a lively and memorable social occasion.

Tailored Menus
Aretsi finger food menus can be customized to suit the specific requirements of any event, incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients and eclectic world cuisines.

Setting Apart from the Ordinary
By offering a splendid mix of traditional and exotic ingredients, Aretsi sets itself apart from conventional catering companies, ensuring a unique and exceptional culinary experience.

Elevating Events
The aim is to provide the focal point for a lively and happy social occasion, achieved through attractively and freshly served finger buffet options.


Menu Option 1

Menu Option 2

Menu Option 3

Menu Option 4

Menu Option 5

Menu Option 6

Vegan Finger Buffet Menu

Hot Manapes Finger Buffet Menu

Important Information : Please Read

Option 1

Set up thebuffet for self service, minimum orderfor 30 people.

Option 2

Setup Buffet with Waiting Staff for service, minimum order for 50 people waiting staff minimum 4 hours at £18.00 per hour.

Option 3

Drop & Go Delivery
Minimum order 15 people in Birmingham City Centre
Minimum order for 20 people outside Biringham City Centre.

Important Information : Please Read

Hot Manapes / Finger Buffet Menu

When it comes to catering, Manapesor Finger Buffet offer a more substantial option than canapés, making them ideal for casual events or as a heartier bite after serving canapés.

We provide two service options:

  1. Drop-off Delivery: This service is available for selected cold Manapes.
  2. Onsite Chef for Service: This option offers a wider range of cold and hot dishes, with a chef present to add finishing touches and garnish.

Pricing & Packages:

  • Manapes: Starting price £3.25 per item
  • For Drop Off Menus: Delivery charges apply, including parking if required.
  • For Onsite Chef Menus: The lead chef is £20.00 per hour, and additional chefs are £18.00 per hour (1 chef per 25-30 guests). There may also be a delivery and parking charge.

If you have any specific questions or need further details, feel free to ask!

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