Fine Dining

At Aretsi we have the skills to give your guests a meal that is every bit as memorable as they’d experience in a gourmet restaurant. We personally source the ingredients at market and then create appetisers, main courses and deserts that cover a range of cuisines, allowing you to choose the menu that will best suit your event and the people attending.

We can bring a fresh and irresistible approach to traditional favourites or provide you with something more contemporary. But one thing is common to all our dishes – the quality and consistency. It’s the result of years of organisational experience in event catering combined with culinary talent. With Aretsi you know even the largest gathering will go smoothly, and the only surprises will be the delightful ones on the table.

Fine Dining Prices

  • 2 Course £26.50 per person
  • 3 Course £32.50 per person
  • 3 Course £38.00 per person
  • 3 Course £45.00 per person
  • Children’s menu 50% discount upon request
  • For our team of chef’s we need access to kitchen facilities.
  • Or we can bring our on mobile kitchen equipment.
  • Prices start from £250 for every 100 guests.
  • Minimum order of 30 people.