Sharing Platters

There’s one guaranteed way to get people interacting and enjoying themselves, and that’s to serve up food on Sharing Boards. At Aretsi, we know how to prep the boards to make them look an appetising delight and fill them with the kind of savoury treats, colourful veggies and artisan cakes that are simply irresistible.

We offer a simply dazzling array of choice when it comes to sharing boards, ranging from a British Snack Board to Greek Mezze, from cured fish and meats to homemade fruit chutneys. All served on our traditional rustic wooden boards, they are perfect as an entrée or substantial snack at virtually any social gathering.


Menu Option 1

Menu Option 2

Menu Option 3

Menu Option 4

Important Information : Please Read

Option 1

Set up thebuffet for self service, minimum orderfor 30 people.

Option 2

Setup Buffet with Waiting Staff for service, minimum order for 50 people waiting staff minimum 4 hours at £18.00 per hour.

Option 3

Drop & Go Delivery
Minimum order 15 people in Birmingham City Centre
Minimum order for 20 people outside Biringham City Centre.

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